2a. Land

The basic building block of the modern African Economy. Part 1 of the “LLC” system.

Land is essentially taken to be the basis of all economic development. In a hybridised version of economic models, inspired mainly from the framework ideals of economist George Ayyitey’s ‘ATINGA DEVELOPMENT MODEL’ and that of Hernando De Soto’s ‘Mystery of Capital’ thesis, this pages model talks of a bottom-up, formalised land-holding structure. This does not mean a focus on individual rights to land, but rather, the utilisation of De Soto’s formal land-rights ideas, applied to the rapidly developing communal land holdings system.

The Atinga’s of the world do not necessarily have the capacity to come up with the wherewithal to ensure, on their own, that should they take a mortgage or loan via securitising their land and/or property, they would not end up losing the only asset they have that could potentially return them actual gains in relation to their labour and capital inputs.

In order to reform the traditional land models, without alienating large swathes of ‘indirect land owners’, it is key to this page’s economic model that the focus of reforms stay within the realm of group, family, and royal forms of ‘Communal Land Ownership’.

Keep posted on The Kvsonghai Weblog for updates an insight into this economic model and the constituent land ownership model.


  • Chieftancy

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